Counter Strike Original 2018 kit. The fast-paced and team-oriented gameplay of Counter-Strike has stayed relatively the same in the years. In it, two teams, the Counter-Terrorists and the Terrorists, fight to complete the objectives. Although basic, it is considered one of the most revolutionary online games of all time.

Counter-Strike offer a large variety of maps that take place in some environments including urban, arctic, jungle and desert settings. In the post-beta stages, maps were still rotated in the official distribution on a slightly smaller scale. Since the release of Counter-Strike 1.6, no maps have been added or removed from the game. In the last years, a lot of maps was created.

Counter-Strike features a number of different factions that are aligned either with the Counter-Terrorists or the Terrorists. The difference between factions of the same side is the player model that will be visible to other players.

  • Terrorists factions: Arctic aveners, Elite Crew, Guerilla Warfare and Phonenix Connexion.

    Counter Terrorists factions: GIGN, GSG-9, SAS and Seal Team 6.

This Counter Strike Kit:

* No Lag.

* High FPS.

* Clasic Skins.

* Clasic models and textures for best fps.

* No Bugs.

* No ads.

* No viruses.

* CS Test and works on windows XP, Windows 7.

Click here for download setup 1!

Download Torrent.

 If  the game don't start, right click on shortcut and click run as administrator. Or install the game in another partition.

Update 2018, press H for Menu.